Corporate responsibility

Our world is undergoing a period of radical transformation. Investing according to ESG criteria is essential to facilitate the transition to a world that is more inclusive, fair and respectful of the planet in which we live.

Responsible and sustainable investing

Tendercapital's goal is to create economic value while ensuring that investment choices have a positive impact on society and the environment. For this reason, Tendercapital's analytical methods and decision-making processes are oriented towards sustainability and inclusiveness, maintaining a transparent, clear and unconventional approach that has always characterised the group's modus operandi.

ESG policy

The integration of ESG criteria into business management and investment processes is a priority for Tendercapital. From portfolio construction to risk management and in all the group's collateral activities, the ESG policy reflects Tendercapital's tireless commitment to these important issues.

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ESG policy & SFDR Statement

The ESG team

Tendercapital has set up an ESG team dedicated to both researching and exploring various sustainable issues and integrating ESG principles into the investment process with the aim that investment choices and ESG culture are always closely linked. The team, consisting of professionals from different business divisions and locations, is constantly striving to promote and integrate ESG principles into the corporate culture. Tendercapital's ESG team, fully aware of the importance of the sustainability policy and responsible for its implementation, reports at agreed intervals to the Board of Directors, like all other divisions, on the results achieved.

Racisci Home

The project, launched in March 2021, aims to help 'street' boys and girls to take their lives back into their own hands through a rehabilitation process that involves listening, dialogue and a deep understanding of the causes that led them to leave their families (almost always unstable) and live on the streets, forming gangs that cause insecurity in the community. They are mostly young people addicted to drugs, very often forced to steal or prostitute themselves to get money.

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