Salone del risparmio 2022 | TRENDING STORIES

QUOTIDIANO NAZIONALE – 2022, Zani (Tendercapital): l’inflazione minaccia Pil e prezzi

Salone del Risparmio 2022 | Monti: “Come il risparmio gestito può agevolare il superamento di questo momento storico”

Moreno Zani a Linea Mercati Class CNBC 01/02/2022


press review 3°CENSIS TENDERCAPITAL report on good investments

Moreno Zani at Coffee Break -La7 (06/11/2021)

Tendercapital protagonista al Salone del Risparmio con A.Marcuzzi

La7 “LIKE”(Made in Italy)- Interview to Moreno Zani

Hungry Minds | Italian Real Estate after Covid-19 and Multi Family Asset Class

IL SOLE 24 ORE – Covid, gli anziani pronti a ritornare protagonisti dell’economia

TELEBORSA – Intervista a Moreno Zani, Presidente di Tendercapital

Askanews – 2° Osservatorio Censis Tendercapital sulla Silver Economy

Hungry Minds | World Environment Day

#HungryMinds | International Museum Day

#HungryMinds Silver economy, an opportunity for economic development

#HungryMinds Regulation EU 2019/2088

2° Censis – Tendercapital Report “Sustainability at the time of the health primacy”

Censis-Tendercapital, Zani: “Le donne sono state le più penalizzate dalla pandemia”

TELEBORSA – Intervista a Moreno Zani, Presidente Tendercapital

2° Rapporto Censis Tendercapital – TG4

2° Rapporto Censis Tendercapital – TGCOM24

2° Rapporto Censis Tendercapital – TV2000 e TG5

2° Rapporto Censis Tendercapital – TG2 Lis

2° Rapporto Censis Tendercapital – Class CNBC

2° Rapporto Censis Tendercapital – SKYTG24

TGCOM24 – Il Commissario Arcuri commenta i risultati del 2° Rapporto Censis Tendercapital

Holograms with Colin Firth

GCFA Italia 2020 | Trailer

Venezia77 – Pierfrancesco Favino wins the Coppa Volpi with “PADRENOSTRO”

Venice Renaissance

Green Deal | green measures

TG1 – The Censis Tendercapital observatory on Silver Economy

RADIO 24 Melog – Moreno Zani and the Censis Tendercapital observatory

ANSA – Coronavirus, Censis-Tendercapital observatory: “Break between young people and over 65s”

TV2000 – Censis Tendercapital Observatory on Silver Economy

VISTA et al. – Censis-Tendercapital report on Silver Economy: young people ask for priority in Covid care on elderly people

VISTA et al. – Silver Economy, Zani (Tendercapital): “The generational pact between young and old people has been broken”

TELEBORSA et al. – Interview to Moreno Zani, Chairman Tendercapital

Censis-Tendercapital report on Silver Economy presentation

Osservatorio Censis-Tendercapital “Silver economy and its consequences in the post Covid-19 society”

ASKANEWS et al.-Coronavirus, Zani (Tendercapital): aiutare turismo e moda Italia

#HungryMinds | The new green deal

#HungryMinds: Electric vehicles: future developments

TG4 Censis -Tendercapital Report

MI MANDA RAITRE 08.11.2019

TG1 – Censis Tendercapital Report on Silver Economy

RAINEWS LIS – Censis Tendercapital Report on Silver Economy

RETESOLE TG LAZIO 1° Censis-Tendercapital Report

ASKANEWS Censis-Tendercapital Report on Silver Economy

#HungryMinds | James Webb Telescope

#HungryMinds | What’s the Fashion Pact?

HungryMinds | Proptech

#HungryMinds | Automotive Ecommerce Trends

#HungryMinds | Voice Assistants

#HungryMinds Cybersecurity

#HungryMinds Cashless Payments

Paolo Geuna | Bond TV (Class CNBC – 30.04.2019)

CORRIERE TV Eva Herzigova and Livia Firth at Salone del Risparmio

CORRIERE TV Eva Herzigova and Livia Firth at Salone del Risparmio

Moreno Zani at Class CNBC

Tendercapital al Salone del Risparmio punta su ecosostenibilità

WALL STREET ITALIA – La sostenibilità secondo Tendercapital

TG5 | Moreno Zani Salone del Risparmio 2019

#SdRX – Monti – “Boutique come creazione di valore per l’industria del gestito”


Interview to Paolo Geuna on Bond TV (Class CNBC 19.03.2019)

#HungryMinds: The future of solar energy

#NeverSurrender: Boxing & cinema

#NeverSurrender: Boxing as redemption

#NeverSurrender: Boxing as resiliency

(Win or Lose) Get back on your feet!

Paolo Geuna | Bond TV (Class CNBC – 04.12.2018)

#HungryMinds | Technologies that save forests

How big data can revolutionise agriculture in poor countries

#HungryMinds | Geothermal energy

#HungryMinds – Flexible Electronics

#HungryMinds | Synthetic meat: the future of animal protein?

#HungryMinds | ECB after Draghi? Who are the candidates to follow him?

#HungryMinds | Satellites in agriculture

Paolo Geuna | Bond TV (Class CNBC – 30.10.2018)

#HungryMinds | Fake news and AI

#HungryMinds | Digital payments

Andrea Rossetti | Fondi e gestioni (Class CNBC – 16.10.2018)

#HungryMinds | The most innovative research centres in the world

#HungryMinds | The influencer phenomenon: how much is it worth for companies?

#HungryMinds | Artificial intelligence and work

#HungryMinds | Water resources in agriculture

Vanity Fair Italia and Tendercapital’s dinner party at #Venezia75


Yugen Première at Scuola Grande di San Rocco


#HungryMinds | Food Delivery industry

#HungryMinds | Face Recognition

#HungryMinds | Vertical farming

#HungryMinds | EU Budget 2021-2027

#HungryMinds | Real Time Monitoring

#HungryMinds | US Trade Protectionism

#HungryMinds | China’s project for artificial rain

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