VANITY FAIR – Daring to be against

Against convention and the mainstream: this is the key to success for MORENO ZANI, who has risen stronger every time he has fallen. Here he shares an enlightened view of finance and the lesson of his parents: “Be free and help others to be who they want, to love and express themselves as they see fit”.

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11:54 am

16 November 2022

‘Greed is good. Greed is right. Greed works’. These are the lines of Gordon Gekko, mythical protagonist of the film Wall Street. It was 1987 and that film forged entire generations of entrepreneurs and financial operators, 99 per cent men, whom we see in power today. Moreno Zani, 53, President and founder of Tendercapital, would have all the cards to belong to this generation. “Me like Gekko? I would be stupid and out of time. That thought was already old in 1987. Let alone today’. An anti-conformist, ironic, with a passion for cinema (he has opened a production company, Tenderstories) and for contemporary art. We engage him in this issue dedicated to the price of women’s dreams to talk about the gender gap, finance and how to emerge in the workplace today. You repudiate aggressive finance. How did she climb the pyramid in her career? “By going against the grain. By falling, sometimes getting hurt, very hurt, but then getting back up and going against the tide again.”

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