LA REPUBBLICA A&F – Semi-annual results alert in Piazza Affari, market fears downward revisions

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11:00 am

11 July 2022

While the markets have begun to discount a possible recession, the half-yearly report season is about to get into full swing, which will offer a picture of corporate accounts as the economic cycle slows down in this first part of 2022. In keeping with tradition, Wall Street is ahead of Europe and as early as tomorrow we will know the numbers of a consumer giant like PepsiCo, while on Wednesday it will be Delta Airlines’ turn, the next day Jp Morgan’s and on Friday Wells Fargo’s.
While for the big names in Piazza Affari it will be necessary to wait until the last week of July to get the first feedback, with UniCredit’s accounts expected on the 26th and Telecom Italia’s the day after.
This will be an opportunity to understand the impact of the mix between high and persistent inflation and the war in Ukraine and, above all, to see whether companies will revise down their growth estimates for the full year, also in light of the rate hike.

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