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Tendercapital’s international, independent and dynamic view materialises in London, where both the Head Office and the Operational Office are located. Dublin houses its two product companies: Tendercapital Funds PLC, which manages the UCITS funds, and Tendercapital Alternative Funds PLC, which manages the alternative funds.

Tendercapital has also an Italian branch based in Milan.


Tendercapital Head Office & Tendercapital Operational Office

Tendercapital was born in Mayfair, a neighborhood full of history and tradition, but at the same time vibrant and fashionable. Its elegant streets host some of the most prestigious private banks, art galleries and numerous embassies, in addition to Tendercapital’s two main offices.

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Tendercapital Funds PLC & Tendercapital Alternative Funds PLC

In the city’s financial district, on the banks of the Liffey River, in a country specialised in international financial products: this is where Tendercapital’s product companies for mutual and alternative funds are located.

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Italian branch

A modern and rigorous skyline offers a unique contrast to the medieval part of the city of fashion, where there’s the late-Eighteenth-century building housing Tendercapital’s Italian branch.

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