Tendercapital Secular Euro Fund ESG Report Q1 2021

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3 May 2021

ESG Value Proposition

The Fund incorporates ESG aspects into investment decisions through its financial impact on the company, but also by considering non-quantifiable governance matters and social practices. The investment strategy is based on stock selection and thereby focuses on ESG risks that are material for each individual company. The analysis is performed by the portfolio management team with data sourced from MSCI* and by a separate in-house ESG team.

Active Responsible Investment

The fund is signatory of PRI – Principle for Responsible Investment – to identify key environmental, social and governance issue in the market and to proactively promote long-term value and to enhance alignment throughout the investment value chain. Tendercapital incorporates the six principles for responsible investment set out by the PRI in its investment decision in order to promote a sustainable global financial system.

ESG Metrics

The Fund’s responsibility scores are an assessment of the Fund’s holdings from a responsibility perspective. The Fund’s rating scale from best to worst is AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, B and CCC. Tendercapital has implemented a Fund’s ESG rating since 2019.

The Fund’s ESG report assesses the Fund’s portfolio holdings from a responsibility perspective. The ESG Quality score measures the ability of underlying holdings to manage key medium to long term risks and opportunities arising from ESG factors. The Fund ESG Quality Score and its sub-factors receive a rating from 0 (low score) to 10 (high score).

Reputational & Controversies Risk Metrics

The score analyses each company’s significant social, environmental, and governance impacts by identifying their involvement in major ESG controversies and adherence to international norms and principles. The score helps to comply with international standards and to understand if the Fund has investments in companies involved in very severe controversies.

The MSCI ESG Controversies analyses and monitors company management strategies and their ongoing and past controversies.

Climate Metrics

The score analyses companies’ total greenhouse gas (GHG) emission per million of sales reported in the last filings. As an indicator of the gas emission the metric is designed to provide a forward-looking and return-based valuation assessment to measure climate related risks and opportunities in an investment portfolio.

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