SVIMEZ’s report on the effects of Coronavirus on Northern and Southern Italy

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7 April 2020

Lockdown costs Italy 47 billion a month, 37 in the Centre-North, 10 in the South. Considering a resumption of activities in the second half of the year, the GDP in 2020 would be reduced, according to a report drawn up by the economists of SVIMEZ Salvatore Parlato, Carmelo Petraglia and Stefano Prezioso, coordinated by the Director Luca Bianchi, by -8.4% for Italy, -8.5% in the Centre-North and -7.9% in the South.

The report shows that:

1) the health emergency affects the Northern Italy more, but the social and economic impacts “unite” the country

2) Southern Italy may be weaker compared to the Centre-Northern regions in the recovery phase, because it is inevitably affected by the previous long crisis, first recessive, then of substantial stagnation, from which it has never been able to get out completely.

3) It is necessary to complete the package of measures to compensate the effects of the crisis on the weakest, unprotected workers, poor families and micro enterprises.

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