Responsible and sustainable:
more than a standard

The world is undergoing a radical transformation.

As investors, we play a vital role in the transition to a more inclusive and fairer world that is more respectful of our planet.


Today, in the creation of economic value, we must consider the impact that our investment choices have on society and on the environment.
This is why we constantly strive to ensure that our methods of analysis and decision-making processes are geared towards sustainability and inclusiveness. Always taking the transparent, clear and non-conventional approach for which we are known.


At Tendercapital, the development and integration of ESG principles is a priority: when we assemble our portfolios, in risk management and across all the Group’s collateral activities.

Our ESG policy reflects our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and fair and inclusive growth, which we pursue every day.

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Tendercapital has been a signatory since 2017PRI




Tendercapital has set up a working group devoted to ESG issues to conduct research and an in-depth analysis of the different sustainability issues and to integrate ESG factors in the investment process, so that investment choices and ESG culture are always in agreement.


The team, which includes colleagues from different divisions and corporate offices, also works within Tendercapital to promote and integrate ESG principles in the corporate culture.


Our ESG team, like all the other divisions within Tendercapital, firmly believes in the importance of the sustainability policy and is responsible for its implementation, reporting to the Board of Directors at agreed intervals on the results achieved.

We believe that each gesture, though simple, makes the difference.
So, we use an energy-saving screen when websurfing is inactive.
The less the power used, the more the benefits for the environment.

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