Samantha McIntosh joins Tendercapital Stables

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23 February 2023

The Tendercapital Stables team has been enriched with the arrival in the Rambouillet-based stable of New Zealand champion Samantha McIntosh. With a long sporting curriculum behind her, made up of international competitions and Olympic participations, the new rider will enrich the Tendercapital Stables team, joining the already consolidated team of Edouard Mathé, Luca Marziani and Mathilde Pinault in this new adventure.


Daughter of the family, Samantha took her first steps in the world of horse riding thanks to her parents, both athletes and trainers, who passed on their passion and love for the sport to her. Her career began at a very early age, already competing in show jumping at the age of 15 in Kaikohe, New Zealand. She arrived in Europe at the age of 17, and after some experience in Switzerland and Germany she settled in Bulgaria, signing a contract with Günter Orschel and obtaining Bulgarian citizenship. Thanks to her dual passport, New Zealand-Bulgarian, Samantha chose to compete under the colours of Bulgaria in the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games, the World Equestrian Games, the European Championships and the FEI World Cup, achieving excellent results and placings. Returning to New Zealand in 2008, McIntosh combined her sporting career with that of a trainer, starting her own stable of sport horses. In 2014 she was appointed advisor to the board of Equestrian Sport New Zealand and the following year returned to Europe to Joelle Cairaschi-Dagut’s stables in La Teste de Buch, France. In 2018 she won the FEI Nations Cup, an achievement never before achieved by a New Zealand equestrian team.


2014 is a historic date for Tendercapital Stables: it is the year of the meeting between Tendercapital President Moreno Zani and Edouard Mathé, who will later become the stable’s Technical Director. Thanks to this meeting, the Tendercapital Stables team was born, which was soon enriched with two great athletes, Luca Marziani and Mathilde Pinault, who are now joined by Samantha McIntosh. Over the years, Stables has gained important sporting recognition, both in international competitions and in the training of competition horses, prized animals that compete in most of the major riding circuits.

The Stables project is constantly moving and growing with the aim of improving knowledge of the equestrian world, concentrating its efforts and objectives on the enhancement of a sport made up of professionalism, great values, respect for the environment and for animals, the cornerstones of the philosophy that drives the Tendercapital Stables team.

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