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9 December 2020

He had already done so after 2008, founding an asset management company while the American real estate bubble was dragging the stock markets down and the world in panic, despite many people saying, “You’re crazy”.
When it comes to intuition: if Tendercapital is today one of the most dynamic international players in investment management for institutions and large European families, much also depended on the timing with which Moreno Zani chose to position himself on the chessboard. This can even be translated into theory (“in difficult times it is necessary to invest”), with a lot of empirical evidence: if in the annus horribilis 2020 cinema was one of the most affected sectors – large stand-by productions, films forced to go directly on TV, forsaking theatrical revenues – the new Tendercapital Productions opens the game at the Venice Film Festival with the co-production of Padrenostro directed by Claudio Noce, where Pierfrancesco Favino won the Coppa Volpi, and even advances to the box office.
“We recorded the film just before last Spring’s lockdown,” says Zani. “We were lucky, it has to be said, because during the lockdown it was possible to do both post-production and editing, so as to be ready for the reopening of the cinemas”. But it is clear that in order to act at the right time the strategy has to start from afar.

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