Finance For Food One entra nel capitale di Manuzzi

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2:52 pm

2 April 2021

The fund “Finance for Food One”, in which Tendercapital also participates with a share, enters the capital of Manuzzi srl, one of the main Italian operators in the world of dried fruit.

Manuzzi srl, founded in 2005 by Aurelio and Paolo Manuzzi and Fabio Barbieri, comes from a long tradition of the Manuzzi family in the fruit trade. The company, based in Cesena, stands out on the market for the quality of its products and its level of service. Manuzzi’s strength is its extensive network of suppliers to guarantee a high quality product, an essential feature for the company: respect for seasonality, freshness and fragrance are the hallmarks of their product.

The management team will remain at the helm of the company even after the fund’s entry, in light of the strong reputation they have achieved in the market and the farsightedness with which they have guided the company, leading it to reach a turnover of €16 million in 2020 (a 20% increase on the previous year) and to aim for €20 million by 2021.

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