Baglioni Hotels expanding the “Italian Touch” into Maldives next year

The needs of hotel customers have changed much in the last years, redefining their experience. Benchmarks evolve faster and faster and continuously increase: big chains grow, while private hotels make their way through innovation. Today’s guests asks for new experiences, every day more centered on their “inner self”: the choosen location must be the mirror of their expectations.

Here’s why the Polito family chose to bet on the “Italian touch”, that typical bespoke hospitality that is hardly replicable abroad and that characterises the Italian travel experience. In fact, the success of the Baglioni Hotels chain seems unstoppable. The choice is boost their presence in foreign countries, with a new luxury resort located in Maldives, opening in early 2017.

Guido Polito remarked: “The Maldives project is composed by 99 villas on Maagau Island, in the Dhalaau atoll, and is targeted mainly to Italian, English and American customers.” The project also includes 3 restaurants, a swimming pool and a bar, spa, and diving centre. The turnover estimated for the first year is 20 million Euro.

“We are also evaluating investments in Paris and in Rome, always focusing on luxury hotels. We are also interested in Middle East, particularly in the Gulf area.”

Speaking of this year’s results, the annual turnover grew by 18 percent in 2015. This result points out that Made in Italy knows no crisis, despite the hard times. Therefore, not only food and luxury cars, but also the best hospitality in the world.

Polito says: “We are a family group, we’ve always been uncompromising in quality standards. We have always worked to maintain high our values: Italian heritage, uniqueness and experience. In the last years we invested a lot on our brand, on competences and internationalization. The results are significantly higher than expected, confirming the validity of our business model”. There’s nothing left but letting our minds travel and wait for the next holidays.