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20 avril 2021

22 April will be the Earth Day, an educational and debate opportunity that every year places the safeguarding, well-being and protection of the planet at the centre of international agendas. The fragility of the Earth system can no longer be avoided, and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development approved by the United Nations in 2015 and implemented by the EU – which has taken the lead in implementing the Agenda – goes precisely in the desired direction: committing member states to adopting an action programme for people, planet and prosperity. An appointment with history in which Tendercapital wants to take part actively.

Launching a Green revolution that combines development, innovation and sustainability. This is a cardinal principle around which Europe’s economic policies revolve and on which the issues of growth and progress are anchored. Service and manufacturing companies are trying to adapt to this new scenario, with ideas that combine environmental protection with the changes that are taking place. These principles were also the basis for the identification of the strategic assets of the Next Generation EU, on which Italy drew up the PNRR.

Among the production companies that have combined innovation, creative excellence and environmental sustainability, there are five stories that best represent that gaze to the future combining protection and progress.
• Planetcare  and Mimbly  work to reduce the impact of microplastics resulting from the use of washing machines;
• Orange Fiber, a Made in Italy excellence dedicated to sustainable fashion, whose core business is the creation of fabrics from citrus production waste;
• Urban Volt , which supports large companies in their energy sustainability processes, promoting LED or solar panel lighting;
• Recreo, a young Florentine company that aims to fight the depopulation of rural areas by promoting innovative recovery models that connect landowners, who can offer disused buildings and land, and possible users, who can propose development and territorial regeneration project ideas.

We believe that each gesture, though simple, makes the difference.
So, we use an energy-saving screen when websurfing is inactive.
The less the power used, the more the benefits for the environment.

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