LA REPUBBLICA AFFARI & FINANZA – The wave of Draghi’s plan, here are the stocks to ride it

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10 mai 2021

Analysts and investors have been asking themselves two main questions in recent days: whether Brussels will give the green light without any restrictive changes to the plan presented by Mario Draghi’s government and to what extent Italy will be able to implement all the measures set out on paper. […]

Energy transition and digitalization are the two main items of the plan, with funds for 68.6 and 40.2 billion respectively, which are tempting not only to utilities and information technology companies, but also to industrial realities that have developed solutions to increase consumption efficiency and productivity. In this regard, Andrea Rossetti, Tendercapital’s Head of Equity, cites Carel Industries, which develops, produces and distributes electronic and mechanical components for large air conditioning and refrigeration systems. “In particular, the company is well positioned both in the residential sector with its heat pumps, and in the food retail segment, with solutions capable of encouraging the transition from traditional to natural systems,” he points out. Another stock indicated by Rossetti is Snam, active in gas networks and distribution: “The energy transition could have a major impact on its accounts, in particular by pushing transport and storage of hydrogen, a sector in which Snam could become a market leader”.

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