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Tendercapital Real Assets Fund

Closed-ended Fund with investments primarily in “real assets”: sustainable energy, infrastructure, and real estate investments connected to these sectors. Investments are mainly concentrated in Southern Italy. Risk-Reward profile: objective is to maximise the long term total return by combining direct revenues (cash flows) from assets and capital gains on those assets invested in the period. Medium Risk with reference to an expected medium/high return over a long time horizon.  

Selected operations


Renewable energies

  Despite the difficult economic and health situation, the growth of photovoltaic installations in Italy has not stopped. Installations have increased by 12% compared to 2019 (data from the first six months). Today, the PNIEC (Energy and Climate Plan 2030) has a target of 52 GW of solar installed by 2030; almost 2.5 times the capacity that was active in 2019 (around 20.9 GW). In the period between 2023-2025, the average additional annual solar capacity is expected to be around 4.6 GW. All Tendercapital's photovoltaic plants are located in areas with the highest solar radiation.    

Real Estate

    Tendercapital acquired a modern and well-equipped long-term care facility in Southern Italy, managed by professional nurses and highly qualified social and health workers. It can accommodate up to 57 guests, self-sufficient or partially non-self-sufficient, distributed in double and single rooms. An ASL-accredited facility for non-self-sufficient people, the complex is designed to offer comfort and care according to the highest quality standards.    

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