New pursuits
and new horizons,

Tendercapital is one of the more dynamic and independent players in the asset management panorama, operating on a selected range of UCITS V and Alternative products.

A European group based in London, which has developed over time in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland.

Talent, integrity and a careful risk management are our core values.

Governance policies and procedures are ensured by the Board of Directors, the Investment Committees (both UCITS V and Alternative), the Risk Committee and the Advisory Committee.

ESG criteria are solidly integrated within the company’s processes.

The fundamental idea behind Tendercapital is that by combining talent, integrity, and simplicity, the Company can really make a difference in the financial arena.
A solid shareholder base guarantees an independent view and freedom of choice.


Investment solutions derive from their fields of expertise, helping create efficient and flexible structures, where the partners are always in contact with the clients and directly involved in operational choices.
Tendercapital is characterised by a significant collective experience consolidated in the major markets, especially in the selection of financial instruments.

We believe that each gesture, though simple, makes the difference.
So, we use an energy-saving screen when websurfing is inactive.
The less the power used, the more the benefits for the environment.

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