IL SOLE 24 ORE – Usai:” Change for media is momentous and I bet on audiovisual”

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5:14 pm

23 March 2021

«As for all Sardinians, for me too there is a rest of the world beyond the sea. Everything beyond is the same. It is “the continent” ». Fedele Usai, originally from Quartu Sant’Elena (Cagliari), is 50 years old. And his is one of those stories in which the present comes after so many passages that make him an “ex” on several occasions. Moreover, in positions that are not at all trivial: Leo Burnett, Tbwa, Fiat, up to the last step as CEO of Condé Nast in Italy. Communication, corporate communication as a manager in a reality like Sergio Marchionne’s Fiat, still communication as the CEO of an agency, up to publishing in the very agitated sea of ​​magazines grappling with the storm unleashed by the advent of digital. All this before the current challenge that eminently recalls the spirit of the times: that audiovisual in which the overseas giants of streaming are dictating the times and helping to shape today’s tastes and who knows for how much longer. On Tenderstories, which he joined last January as CEO, and with a share, Usai has great expectations: «There will be an inevitable dichotomy between the great realities, market leaders and those who manage to play a role as a boutique. We aim for this ».

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