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24 March 2020

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that, in response to the COVID-19 emergency and in line with the latest regulations issued by the public Authorities, we have taken several measures to ensure both the safety of our employees and business continuity.

The Management of Tendercapital Group, together with the Committee for the application of the safety protocol, set up for the current health emergency, has prepared a series of guidelines to ensure the smooth continuation of our daily activities.

We are constantly monitoring the situation in order to accurately assess the impact on investments over the short and medium term: in this respect, our investment teams stay in contact with the companies in the portfolio and continuously analyse the evolution of the situation and the additional inputs from the investee companies.

We therefore reassure you that we are unceasingly monitoring our activities and carefully assessing possible developments, as well as preserving the safety of our employees.
We are confident that the emergency will subside soon, in the meantime we continue our daily monitoring activities, reacting effectively to any new developments and ensuring, as always, the utmost attention to our customers.

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